Semester 2 is officially official

Well, it’s official. I passed my second semester of classes at Wesley Seminary at Indiana Wesleyan University. I was even pleased with my grades, and that was no small feat!

I finished the semester with a strong A in Self Assessment & Appraisal, and an A- in Congregational Leadership. It is tempting to be disappointed with that latter grade, but as I reflect upon the semester, and particularly the second half of it, I am reminded of how much stuff was simultaneously happening in our family and church, as well as how much work was required to achieve this grade. Simply put, it was nearly overwhelming. My wife will attest to numerous very late nights over the last few weeks of the semester.

I’ll compare passing Congregational Leadership to climbing Mt. Everest. If you can do it without oxygen, you get an A. If you need a little oxygen at the summit, you get an A-.

Well, I made it. I had to get a little oxygen along the way, but I reached the summit and made it back!

In the aftermath of the second semester, I traveled last week to Indiana for my second onsite intensive, Global Christian History. Dr. Patrick Eby made studying history interesting and even fun. Of course, Lutheran Satire helped! (Oh, Patrick!) I was pleased to take this class with one other member of my cohort, and we met some new friends along the way. In addition to studying history in general, I was in a group of three that studied the development of the Scripture across church history. I found this to be an exhilarating study, even if it did mean spending more than three hours at Starbucks rather than visiting Ivanhoe’s for ice cream!

As it stands today, I have one paper to finish for Global Christian History. After that, I officially have until August off. During this break, I will begin reading for an independent study I will be completing this fall, Church Revitalization Field Study. As part of this study, I will observe a church consultation by Rev. Paul James. I am already getting excited for this opportunity!

I have also been trying to nail down the timing of electives that I will be taking. The field study counts as one of these. I also have several others required for my specialization, and I am hoping to take Hebrew for Ministry as well.


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