March 2017 Seminary Update, Supplemental

One of the things that Wesley Seminary offers is the opportunity for people with undergraduate degrees in ministry and such to apply for “Advanced Standing” in various classes. This allows a student to receive seminary credit for specific subjects in which they have already attained at least 6 undergraduate credits with sufficient grades.

In my case, I had the undergraduate credits and grades to qualify for credit in two categories: Bible and theology.

To receive the credit, I had to write an essay demonstrating my familiarity with these subjects. This week, I completed and submitted the first essay to allow me to receive credit for the course Bible as Christian Scripture without having to actually take the course.

I had been told to submit these essays at least two months prior to the start of the respective class. Since BaCS is scheduled for the end of May, I wanted to submit that essay this week. In fact, I submitted it Friday night.

It was surprising, then, that I received an email this morning informing me that the essay had been received, and my Advanced Standing approved for Bible as Christian Scripture. That is, I will receive credit but not have to actually take the course.

This brings my completed seminary credits to 13, which is 17% finished. By the time I finish the two courses I am presently enrolled in, I will be well over a quarter of the way there.

As noted, I have one other essay to complete to receive credit for my theology course. I will work on that over the summer and submit it before I am scheduled to take the class next summer.


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