One down…

That’s all, folks. Turn out the lights and shut the door. My first semester of seminary is in the books, and as of 11:59 pm last night, I’m on Christmas break. So I thought it was a good time to offer another update on the progress of my M.Div. at Wesley Seminary.

First, the answer to the question everyone is dying to know: No, I’m not pregnant. Oh, wait. Wrong question. Yes, I passed. As a matter of fact, I passed both of the classes in which I was enrolled this term: Missional Church and Change & Transformation. Now, understand, I do not yet have my final grades, but statistically speaking, there is no way I can fail. I will receive an A in Change & Transformation, and with one major score still outstanding, I am already well within the B+ range for Missional Church.

What did we learn in these last few weeks? Well, it was something of a flurry, to be honest! In C&T, we synthesized our own personal theory of how a person is changed and transformed by God over time into the person He desires them to be. And in MC, we ultimately formulated a strategy for moving our church from its present state into a thoroughly missional paradigm for ministry.

Of course, that doesn’t make any sense if you don’t know what a missional paradigm for ministry is. So let me explain: a missional paradigm for ministry means simply that the people of our church will be so intimately related with the people of the neighborhood that we will be able to identify and respond to any needs there, thus making the good news of Jesus truly good news to the people of the Lower Beaver Neighborhood!

Let me just say, we have work to do!

But for right now, I’m on break. Well, as much of a break as a husband, father, and pastor gets at Christmastime anyway! Over the next few weeks, I intend to do a few important things. First, I will sleep like a normal person. Second, I will catch up on some church and house work that I have neglected during the course of this semester. Third, I have three web projects that I will complete. And finally, I will complete a couple of essays which will (hopefully) allow me to skip a couple courses toward my degree. That will (hopefully) save some time and money!


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