Who is the CR-48 for?

Joe Wilcox over at BetaNews wrote up an article about all the questions surrounding Chrome OS. He discloses up front that he has not yet received a CR-48 (which I have taken to calling simply “crate”), and from the comments which inspired his article (and those posted at the bottom of it), it would appear that neither have many of his readers. Basically, he and many others wonder what niche Chrome OS will fill. Here’s the article for you to check out:


As I sit here, typing on the crate the big G was so generous to send me, I must admit that I initially had my doubts as well. But having played with it off and on for about 48 hours now, I can tell you exactly who Chrome OS is built for: Fuzz (aka my grandpa).

Please understand, that’s not a bad thing. In fact, it’s a very good thing. Chrome OS is a web browser and very little more. Which, coincidentally, is exactly what my grandpa needs: a computer that does web browsing, email, and a game of solitaire.

Over the years, Fuzz has been outfitted with a number of computers. All of them ended up going wonky early and often as he tinkered with settings, contracted ITD’s (Internet Transmitted Diseases), or hit buttons (e.g., minimize) or resized a window and then couldn’t get it back.

Chrome OS offers the end user only a very minimum number of customizable settings.

Because it’s based on Linux and comes equipped with the verified boot system, Chrome OS is virtually impervious to ITDs.

And because there is no real multitasking beyond browser tabs and windows, none of which can be resized or minimized, etc., it is immune to the itchy click finger and dragging mouse.

In fact, the only thing that keeps me from getting Fuzz a Chrome OS notebook right now (besides the whole “it’s not yet available for sale” thing) is the fact that he lives in a tiny town where broadband is pretty much unheard of.

So who is Chrome OS for? Chrome OS, even in its current form, is for Fuzz. And I think that’s a really cool thing.


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