Monday Morning Musings

It’s been too many weeks since I provided some morning-after commentary on the services at Debra Heights Wesleyan Church. I guess that’s a lesson for everyone! Neglecting to do something (e.g., write a blog post, do devotions, attend church) once makes it easier to neglect it a second time, and pretty soon, you’re neglecting it every time!

At any rate, here I am to provide some thoughts and comments on yesterday’s worship and activities at our church. And what a day it was! The morning started off with a wonderful time of fellowship “powered by” biscuits and gravy and a grape salad. In fact, fellowship was so wonderful that we forgot to ring the bell to start Sunday School until it was too late to do so. And even when we announced that the worship service would be started in 15 minutes, people were having such a wonderful time talking and laughing that they were still reluctant to move!

Once we were in the worship service, Adoration did a great job leading off in song. I want everyone to know how much I appreciate our worship team. Every week, they spend at least an hour practicing so that they can be ready to share with us on Sundays. And every week, they pour their hearts into what they do, providing us with a musical worship experience that I truly believe is as unique as it is excellent.

In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve been working hard over the last few months to analyze the flow of our service, and in the last few weeks, we’ve been really trying to tweak some things to make the whole thing flow a bit better. The idea is to virtually eliminate the time that we spend in transition so that the whole thing flows smoothly from one segment to another, to remove all those things which distract us from God, and to generally improve the experience for everyone. It’s taken a few weeks to get the hang of this, but I think we’re definitely making progress. If you have any thoughts about it, or suggestions for what we can still do better, please don’t hesitate to shoot me an email at

I also want to take a moment this morning to thank Greg Knuth for stepping up to help with the Scripture readings. When Pastor Sharon departed, Greg asked immediately if he could step in and help out anywhere. I very much appreciate his willingness to do that! And I also kind of like the effect that having members of the congregation help out in the service has on all of us, so I’m going to be looking at other areas in the service that we can “farm out” to others. Don’t be surprised if I come looking for you to do something!

To be honest with you, I was concerned about the message yesterday. We have a not-insignificant number of retirees in our congregation, and I was afraid that the message, which focused on how to act and operate in a workplace environment with bosses and staff, etc., would not be completely appreciated. I could not have been more wrong! This just goes to show you that Satan is very much on the prowl, trying to instill discouragement and fear in each of us, but God is far bigger and more powerful than him any day!

Indeed, the number of responses from yesterday’s message was awesome! ¬†Several people approached to say that it impacted them right where they were, and they were going to change the way they acted toward the people they work with. One, in particular, made a beeline for me after the service, grabbed my hand, and told me that he had been struggling at work but that this message would change how he looked at his job forever. Glory be to God!

So, there are some thoughts about yesterday’s service. Before I finish for today, though, I do want to take a couple of moments to talk about a couple of other things.

The first is that small group has been really awesome of late. I can’t tell you how much I’ve been enjoying our study of Joshua. We’ve picked out piles of things that we could use in our own lives and in our church. The discussion has been great, and the fellowship sweet. If you’ve not attended small group before, make a point to clear your schedule and join us!

Second, this coming Sunday, we will finish looking at what the real life Jesus talked about looks like at work by examining three important keys to how we work. You won’t want to miss this! And then, the week after, we’ll start looking at what that real life looks like at church and, eventually, at home. If you haven’t caught one or more of these messages, you can check them out on the church website at You will also notice that we’ve started doing audio recordings of the messages, so you can now check out the notes and outline, as well as listen to the message online!

And finally, I want to take just a second to plug a couple of events coming up. The first is greeter training on Saturday, October 16, starting at 2:30p. If you are a greeter – or are interested in becoming a greeter – make plans to be at that training session. It’s going to be great! And the second is the annual Harvest Dinner, coming up Sunday, November 14. We’ll be sending around food signups in the next couple of weeks, so be thinking about what you want to bring!

So, did I mention that I’m excited? It’s such an honor to minister with you! And it is awesome to see what God’s doing in and through our church!


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