Monday Morning Musings (aka Sunday Afternoon Ramblings, Monday edition)

Maybe I should just move this permanently to Monday since that’s when it seems to get done most of the time. Hmm.

Anyway, what a great Sunday at DHWC! Our attendance was off, but the spirit of worship was definitely present. And the reactions I heard as people were leaving were remarkable positive in that a number of people indicated the message struck home for them. So here are some thoughts on things.

First, I appreciate Pastor Sharon and Sheri K for stepping in to serve as greeters. I really feel that this is an essential ministry! And I believe that they did their job yesterday!

I also want to give kudos to Adoration. Even with two members out, they led us into a tremendous time of worship and really set the pace for the service. Well done!

As for the message, I want to thank everyone for the positive comments afterwards. As we found in the life of the demoniac in Mark 5, we were broken, battered, lost, enslaved, and all sorts of other bad things before Jesus found us, set us free, got to know us, and gave us complete victory over all the less-than-perfect stuff about our lives. Our lives were revolutionized, plain and simple. Or at least, that’s what was supposed to happen. What actually happened is very clearly demonstrated in how we respond.

Let me be clear. We must not run in fear from Jesus or simply bid him to go away. Rather, as the demoniac did, we must embrace Jesus by wanting to follow Him more than anything else in our lives and, given that we can’t physically do that right now, settling to tell everyone we meet all about what He’s done in our lives. If we fail on either of these points, our actions (or lack thereof) clearly testify that Jesus didn’t really do anything for us. And we all know what they say about actions: they speak louder than words.

If you want the complete sermon outline and other resources (e.g., notes I took in sermon prep, bibliography), you can check it out on the church website by clicking here.

So this week is very important at DHWC. Next Sunday, I will be delivering the annual State of the Church Address during the worship hour. And then, at 6:30 pm, we’ll be holding our annual Local Church Conference to elect officers and approve a budget for the coming church year. The bottom line is that next Sunday, we will be outlining our vision for the next year and setting the pace to get there. It is essential that all members attend this meeting. Everyone else is welcome to attend, even though they won’t have a vote.

Also, I very much want you to put May 29 on your calendar and plan to be around the church. That’s the day we’re going to be canvasing the neighborhood to invite everyone we possibly can to join us for our block party on June 5. This will be a great opportunity for you to exercise what we talked about yesterday, and get some great physical exercise in the process.

And then, of course, the block party is coming up June 5. Some of the plans which we’re talking about include Bingo, carnival games, hot dogs on the grill, and an inflatable bounce house! You won’t want to miss it, and neither will your friends!

So that’s all for now, I guess. Have a blessed week, and don’t forget to tell someone about what Jesus has done for you!


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