Sunday Afternoon Ramblings

Well, I sincerely hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day! What a wonderful Mother’s Day it was at DHWC! Here are a few thoughts for you about our service and such.

First, thanks again goes to all those who help make our services possible. Everyone from the cleaners and nursery workers to the Sunday School teachers, Wednesday-night leaders, greeters, and Adoration members play an essential role in making sure that we can do the things we do.

Yesterday, we had a wonderful service. There were a number of guests in worship, and a number of faces that we haven’t seen in a couple weeks. It was also great to see a number of people who came to celebrate Mother’s Day with their moms!

Adoration set the tone well, and as always, it was a real joy to be able to hear the voices of the congregation raised in worship.

And Pastor Sharon’s message was spot-on perfect for the day. Listening to the reactions I heard, it was clear that the idea that God knows who we are and everything that we’ve done, and still loves us more than anything, struck a chord. How truly amazing is the love and grace of God that it is absolutely and truly unconditional.

So it was a great day at DHWC! Before I close, though, I do want to take just a moment to talk about some things that are coming up in relatively short order. The first, again, is all the stuff that’s coming up in conjunction with the block party. As I mentioned yesterday from the pulpit, we’re going to need all the help we can possibly get! We need help planning, and if you’re interested, just stick around Wednesday after Bible study. We need help canvasing! This is essential to the success of the entire project. We have to tell as many people as possible! And we’re going to need help actually running the thing. So please, if you’re able to help out in any way, let me know!

Second, on May 23, we do have a very big day planned. In the morning, I will be delivering the State of the Church address. This is always one of my favorite messages of the year, and it’s always a time of reflection, encouragement, and excitement as we set our course for the coming year. And then, in the evening, we will be holding our annual Local Church Conference. This is where we hear reports from our various leaders and ministries, elect officers for the coming year and approve an operating budget. It is essential that all members be there, and everyone else is welcome to come, too!

And finally, don’t forget about our workday at Cedar Springs Camp coming this Saturday! If you need a ride, be at the church at 7:00 am. We’re going to need lots of different people to do lots of different things. So bring yourself, any tools you might have, and a sack lunch! And be ready to have a great time!

So that’s what I’ve got for today. Thanks for letting me be your pastor! Have a blessed week!


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