Sermon First Thoughts: Mark 3:13-19

I was thinking about this the other day and realized it’s been a long, long time since I’ve jotted down some initial impressions about a sermon passage. So I wanted to take just a second today and throw something out. It’s technically not a first thought because I just finished the message, and I actually first started it several weeks ago. But it is a thought. In Mark 3:13-19, Jesus called twelve men to follow him and become apostles. His objective for them was that they would convey His good news – that we could be saved from sin – to the world and wield His power as evidence of the same.

In short, Jesus intended that the world would believe what these twelve people had to say and be changed as a result. They were to be world-changers, even though they were normal, ordinary, absolutely unremarkable people before the moment they were called.

Why do we assume, then, that Jesus only calls special people to change the world today?

Why do we assume that Jesus can’t (or maybe won’t) call us to change the world today?

I’m excited for Sunday! See you there!


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