Monday Morning Musings (aka Sunday Afternoon Ramblings, Monday edition)

Is anyone else freaked out that this is the last week of February, 2010? It doesn’t seem right that we’re in 2010, much less that we’re almost two whole months in! But here we are, and here are some thoughts about yesterdays service!

The morning started off on a little bit of a scary note. I awoke early because the forecast had called for snow overnight, so I wanted to have plenty of time to finalize a back-up plan in case Pastor Sharon was unable to preach as scheduled; remove snow as best as possible; and if absolutely necessary, cancel services. Fortunately, none of these were required! Praise the Lord!

As people arrived at the church, there was some definite concern about the weather. People were talking about the different things they had heard, with some indicating that the snow was still coming and others having heard that it was going to miss Des Moines completely. This uncertainty, plus a number of people that were under the weather themselves (is that a pun?), made for a rather low attendance, but it only takes two or three gathered in Jesus’ name, right?

Anyway, once things got rolling, Adoration led us in an amazing opening worship set. Even with two of their members out ill, they did a wonderful job leading into the presence of the Lord. It’s hard to believe that they’ve only been practicing together for a year!

Pastor Sharon’s message was certainly on target as well! Speaking out of a number of passages, she warned us that it is not enough to go about life as usual, or even to come and hang out at the church. Rather, we must be committed to seeking God and His will with our entire hearts, as did David. Notice that the key difference between David and both his predecessor (Saul) and successor (Solomon) was not that he was, in and of himself, perfect, but that when he failed, he acknowledged his failure and resolved to try harder to follow the Lord. We must be ardent pursuers of God!

So all in all, it was a great morning of worship at Debra Heights Wesleyan, even if the attendance was off! Sorry for everyone who missed it!

A couple of additional notes that I would bring to your attention this morning. After Saturday’s board meeting, we’re going to be trying a couple of new things over the next few weeks.

The first, which you may have noticed yesterday when you arrived, was the addition of a greeting team stationed in the foyer. This ministry, consisting initially of members of the LBA, will be made up of teams of two, rotating on a weekly basis, and will be charged with greeting guests who come through the front doors, making them feel welcome, and helping them find wherever they need to go (e.g., nursery, Sunday School, etc.). The work isn’t terribly difficult, but it is essential. If we do not make guests feel welcome within the first seconds they are in our church, the likelihood that they will return dwindles rapidly. If you would like to participate in the greeter team, please contact me at

Secondly, in conjunction with the greeter team, we’re going to be printing a series of resources designed to help you invite your friends to DHWC and get them involved when they get here. The first are some business cards. You probably received a card for our next sermon series in your bulletin yesterday. We’re also going to be running some generic church cards which you will be able to give to people any time. We’ll also be printing some welcome packets and other pamphlets which will provide some basic information about our church and its ministries.

And thirdly, we’re going to be organizing some teams to work on a couple of special projects with Hope Ministries. In particular, we’re going to organize teams of six or seven to help serve meals at Bethel Mission and a larger team to throw a birthday party for the kids at the Hope Family Center. We also have a number of other opportunities to help with Hope’s various ministries. You can expect to hear more information about these things in the very near future.

So, we had a great Sunday of worship, and we have some extremely exciting things coming up in the very near future! As I have said before and will continue to say, I am absolutely convinced that great things are happening at Debra Heights Wesleyan, and I am so honored that you let me be your pastor!


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