Sunday Afternoon Ramblings

What a great morning of worship at Debra Heights Wesleyan Church! It was so good to see everyone and spend some time seeking God’s face together. Here are some thoughts.

First, probably the best thing of the whole morning was being able to have my entire family in church! It occurred to me today that 2 of the last 4 Sundays, we were not all in worship because of illness. Hopefully, we’re all on the upswing now! God is so faithful!

I would also like to mention that it was wonderful having the full Adoration team signing this morning. For the last several weeks, it seems as though we’ve had at least one person out for one reason or another. It was great to see them all on stage  once again, and they did a wonderful job leading our first worship set today!

I also want to make sure to thank the people who helped out with different things today. Thank you, Ray E for helping in the nursery. And thank you, Tom K and Jerry A for serving as ushers to take the offering. We appreciate you guys!

Finally, I want to take a moment to talk briefly about the message. To be frank, this series has been challenging me, and from what I’ve been hearing the last couple of weeks, it’s been challenging you, too. The tongue is an extremely difficult thing to control, but as believers, we are clearly called to do just that. It is only by the grace and strength of God that we can hope to accomplish this, and the areas of gossip, boasting, and vulgarity are no exceptions. I hope that everyone knows that it was not my intention to point out any person or persons in particular as we explored what God thought of each of these areas (i.e., that there is no place for any of them in the believer’s life). But these are things that we need to be considering as we move forward together in our faith. We must be a people that is free from gossip; devoid of prideful boasting; and without obscenity or the vulgarity of innuendo or double talk. Our speech, just like our lives, must be characterized by unswerving, unreserved godliness.

As we stand today at the outset of February, it seems a little surreal to think that January is over. A lot of things are going to be happening in the next month, and I wanted to take just a moment to cover a few of them. First, we’re going to start talking about our shares program next week. For three years, shares have gone toward paying off our ramp loan. Since that was paid off a year ago, it took us a little time to decide what to do with the shares program going forward. Starting next week, we’ll be encouraging people to purchase shares in our “special projects fund,” which will be used to pay for future projects such as the replacement of our driveway.

In addition, we’re going to start working on some of the objectives that the board outlined for the next two years, including greeter training. We’ve done this in the past, but it’s never gone past the training phase, largely due to a lack of follow-through on my part. This time, I will aim to do better. You can expect to start hearing details about this next Sunday.

Finally, I want to encourage you to pray for our church family in the coming days. A number of our family are going through some rather difficult things right now, and without going into details, we need to be spending some time on our knees.

Well, I guess that’s enough rambling for now. Let me just say, again, that it is a tremendous privilege to minister to and with you, the people of Debra Heights Wesleyan! God is moving, and it’s amazing to see His power at work in people’s lives!


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