Sunday Afternoon Ramblings

Does it scare anyone else that we’re already approaching the middle of January? Just wondering.

What a great morning of worship today at DHWC! From a personal standpoint, it was great to both feel better and have Nicole and the kids in worship. I was also extremely pleased to have Adoration back in the service. And it was a joy to have the family of Jesse F, the new son-in-law of Keith and Pastor Sharon in worship as well.

Pastor Sharon’s message today was a great reminder and challenge for all of us. As she noted, it is on our busiest days that we must remember more than ever to take time to seek God’s will and follow Him rather than the other examples and pressures we can follow.

It’s always nice to take a break from preaching and receive some spiritual sustenance for myself, but I must admit that it just doesn’t feel right not preaching on Sunday morning! So I wanted to take a moment today to talk a little more about the next sermon series which we’ll be starting next week, called Tongue Tamers. The series, of course, is rooted in the passage out of James 3, where we are given an apparent contradiction, that no man can tame the tongue but that it must nevertheless be tamed. So we’re going to look at that contradiction next week, and then over the next five weeks, we’ll be looking at specific areas where believers must endeavor to control their tongues.

Let me be frank. This series will challenge a lot of us. It will hit us right in the teeth because I believe that a massive portion of American Christians fail to take this mandate seriously. So in the coming week, I would ask you to do a number of things for me. First, pray for me as I prepare to speak next week. Second, pray for yourself, that your heart would be soft and ready to hear what God has to say about your conversation. And third, pay attention to what you say (and don’t say), and ask yourself if your speech is in line with what God wants of you.

Finally, before I close today, I would like to ask you to pray especially for our LBA meeting this coming Saturday. At our LBA leadership retreat in November, the leaders of our church explored how big (read that, great, powerful, wonderful, majestic, etc.) our God is, and we were challenged to raise our sights past the things that we think we can do and set them instead on the things He promises He will do. I want you to pray that we will have the discernment to know His will, the courage to commit to following it, and the faith to expect Him to realize it. Simply put, if we’re not in line with Him, nothing else matters.

I believe wholly that God is on the verge of doing great things in us and through our church. And I look forward to exploring that with you! Thank you for the privilege of being your pastor!


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