Sunday Afternoon Ramblings

That’s all folks! The last Sunday of the year is in the books, and the next time we’re all together, it will be January 2010! So here we go with some thoughts on today’s service.

First off, I feel like I should apologize. I was a little off-kilter today because of my cold and the snow. The cold stole my voice and slowed me down some, and I didn’t realize it had snowed at all until I heard the snowplow go by at 7:00 am! By then, I barely had time to move snow and get showered before Sunday School started.

Second, I want to take a moment to thank Jerry A and Brian K who arrived at the church at about 8:00 to plow the parking lot and driveways. In fact, Jerry has been at the church at least three times this week to move snow. His efforts are most appreciated by everyone who doesn’t like snow in their shoes!

As for the service itself, I could not have been more excited to worship today! I had been pumped for Thursday’s Christmas Eve service, and so when we were forced to cancel for weather, it was like Sunday couldn’t come quickly enough. And what a Sunday it was! Adoration led a tremendous opening worship set, and the service was highlighted by their three special selections, which they were to perform for us at our Christmas Eve service. My only regret was that I was really unable to join my voice in worship as well (because I didn’t have a voice)!

Speaking of my utter lack of a voice, I want to thank Pastor Sharon for the part she plays in our services. Had I done the announcements, call to worship, tithes and offerings, and then tried to speak this morning, there probably wouldn’t have been any sermon at all.

If I have one regret from the entire day, it was that I wasn’t sure my voice did justice to the message on paper and in my heart. The truth is, I really think that this morning’s message was the most significant message in the entire Advent of Hope series. Why? Because we all deal with temptation. And so often, as the enemy is loosing flaming arrow after flaming arrow at us, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Jesus’ experience in the desert in Matthew 4, though, is essential because it shows us not only that temptation can be overcome, but it outlines for us the keys to how. Just to recap, we discovered along the way this morning that temptation will come. After all, it came for Jesus, the Holy Spirit allows it to test us and strengthen us, and the devil who tempts is out to get us. We discovered, though, that we can resist it. Jesus did so by not underestimating the devil’s determination to strike exactly when, where, and how He was most vulnerable. He used the Scriptures as the sword of the Spirit to strike back and deflect Satan’s attack. And He didn’t satisfy Himself just battling with the devil, co-existing with the devil, or compromising with the devil. He held His ground and drove Satan away, ultimately commanding him, “Away from me, Satan!” And in that moment, Jesus showed us that we can have victory over sin, and when that happens, the devil will flee, at least for a time, the Lord’s presence will return, and all those needs that the enemy tempted us with before will be attended by God Himself. This is where the hope comes in! We can win against the temptations which Satan sends our way. We don’t have to sin, and praise the Lord for that!

So, here we are at the end of 2009, looking at the start of 2010 just a few days away. What a great year it’s been at DHWC! We’ve been blessed in innumerable ways, and I am truly ecstatic to be able to say that there are even greater things coming! As was mentioned a few weeks ago, at our next board meeting, we will be discussing some strategic objectives for the next two years. The vision with which we’ve been presented is exceptionally bold, but our God is infinitely great! So I’m very much looking forward to hearing what they’ve been coming up with since our leadership retreat in November. And then, as we move full speed ahead toward what God has called us to be and do, I can’t wait to see what He will do in and through us!


1 Response to “Sunday Afternoon Ramblings”

  1. 1 Keith Isley December 28, 2009 at 3:17 am

    Great service, and great message. I’m looking forward to what God has for Debra Heights in the coming year!

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