Sunday Afternoon Ramblings (Monday Edition)

I had a great time in worship yesterday. From where I was sitting, it seemed as though the Spirit was at work from the beginning of the service to the very end. Let me tell you why.

First of all, I thought that Pastor Sharon did a great job with the announcements. Many people probably don’t know this, but getting up on the platform and speaking is actually a stretch for her. She did a wonderful job yesterday!

Adoration was firing on all cylinders again. Their song selections put me immediately into a spirit of worship. I love worshiping with them! And of course, I loved the hymns that we sang; I picked them. But it always means so much more to hear the voices of other saints raised in worship along with my own admittedly sad voice. And Angela and Nicole did such a wonderful job leading them!

The message, I thought, went well. At the very least, I was pleased with the response of several people who indicated that it was a good, strong reminder that we will always have work to do this side of heaven. Truly, the fact that David became king and segwayed immediately to the business of being king, finally conquering Jerusalem and then doing the work that God had yet for him to do, is a powerful example. No matter what we think we’ve accomplished, until we hear “Well done” at the gates of heaven or every last person on earth has been saved, we have work to do.

One thing that I would note, again, is that David was able to conquer Jerusalem only by thinking outside of the box and attacking via the water shaft. No one had attempted this before because military strategy centered around the siege and frontal assault. David had to get over the “this is the way we’ve always done it” mentality to try something new and different, and if we’re going to successfully minister to our community and culture, we must too.

Since this is a Monday edition of the Sunday Afternoon Ramblings, I would also like to touch on the men’s meeting (since the women wouldn’t let me attend theirs). We started something a little different last night by introducing Steve Farrar’s book, “Point Man: How a Man Can Lead His Family.” Over the next few months, we’re going to be diving into this book as a platform for exploring men’s role in the family, the church, and the culture. I think we’ll find our time helpful as Farrar gives some practical tips for dealing with things that men deal with on a regular basis and challenging as we consider how we men should be living and leading in the various segments of life. Perhaps just as important, though, I think we’ll find it refreshing because Farrar doesn’t treat men like the effeminate creatures our culture sees Christian men to be. I dare say that this world would be a much different (and better) place if Christian men would stand up and be the men that God has called us to be. Now, for those who fear that means men should dominate, please understand that this is not the case. Rather, it means that men would stand up and live lives worthy of respect, make such wise and right decisions that people will want to submit to them, and love their families in such a way that they are willing to lay their lives down to see them made holy.

Well, that’s enough for now. But let me close for the moment by saying that I am excited to see what God is doing in our church! And as I’m looking down the road, I am continuously reminded that He has even more exciting – even more amazing – things in store! Let’s make an impact on the world this week!


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