Sunday Afternoon Ramblings, Monday edition

What a crazy week! Before I even get to thoughts about the service, I want to express my family’s sincerest thank you to our church and loved ones for the fervent prayers on our behalf as we dealt with the passing of Nicole’s grandmother. We will miss her very much, and your continued prayer support as we go through the grieving process are much appreciated.

I also want to take a moment to bid our friends, Pastor Darren and Kelly Waite, formerly of Grace Wesleyan Church, a fond farewell. The friendship and camaraderie which has developed between our families over the last six years is greatly treasured, and your regular presence in our lives will be deeply missed. Godspeed in all that God has for you.

So on to the service.

I was tremendously blessed by this morning’s entire service. Adoration sang well, and their selection of songs was wonderful. The final song of their set, especially, echoed my ongoing prayer for my own life and our church: that we would be so radically altered from the inside out by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ that we will never want to return to who we were and what we did before. Imagine what an impact we will make when everyone we meet sees us as radically different – in a good way – than they are!

I also appreciated the Scripture lesson. The account of Gideon routing the Midian army with just three hundred men, trumpets, clay pots, and torches is extraordinarily inspiring to me because, if God can use 301 men to route a massive army, why can’t He use 40 people to impact our neighborhood and the city of Des Moines?

And so we come to the message. “Facing the Giants, Pt 2” was a powerful message for me, and apparently for a number of you, too. I was amazed at the response which we saw yesterday. In fact, some 25% of those in attendance yesterday ended up at the altar, praying that God would help them to conquer the giants that keep them from being used by Him to do amazing things. Clearly, the promise that God can and will take out these giants was important to a great number of people. The challenge before us now, as we heard yesterday, is to actually engage the giants, slay the giants, and finish well.

One thing that I did not mention during the message yesterday was an interesting observation which I came across in one of the commentaries I read while preparing to speak: according to The Reflecting God Study Bible, by bidding David to meet Goliath, Saul became reliant on his successor for both his sanity (see 1 Samuel 16:14-23) and the security of his nation. In other words, while God had known David to be the man after His own heart who was to lead His people into the future for some time, it took the events of the last half of chapter 16 and chapter 17 to make David’s reign possible in the eyes of the people.

In other words, conquering Goliath was essential to David becoming king and realizing God’s ultimate will for him, and conquering the giants in our lives is essential to realizing God’s ultimate will for us.

As I said last week, the last two messages had a significant impact on me, and I am extremely grateful that they apparently had an impact on many of you, too. I look forward to seeing what God is going to do in our midst as we engage and defeat the giants which confront each of us individually and our church as a whole!


1 Response to “Sunday Afternoon Ramblings, Monday edition”

  1. 1 Sharon October 12, 2009 at 11:03 pm

    Sure wish I could have been there.

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