Sunday Afternoon Ramblings

What a great week! I have been quiet this week because there was so much going on, but it’s been a great week! God is good, and I am amazed every week by what He’s doing in our church and lives.

So, this morning’s service, I thought, went well. We’re obviously still trying to smooth some things out as we tweak things for increased effectiveness. I thought Pastor Sharon did a great job with the announcements and offering. It allowed me to focus on the message, for which I was extremely grateful. Additionally, Adoration did a spectacular job. I have said it before, and I will likely say it again, but I absolutely love the dynamic which they bring to the service. The song selection today couldn’t have been better. And by the end of the first song, I felt that I was truly communing with the Lord. By the end of the third, I knew He was going to do great things in our midst!

The testimony time this morning was awesome. Hearing what had happened in the lives of the women who attended the women’s retreat was wonderful, and I was encouraged greatly by the practical application of a couple of passages of Scripture that people have been working through. Let me be frank. There can be no substitute for spending time – on your own – in Scripture and prayer. These are essential components of an unfeigned faith, and I love to hear how God is revealing Himself to those saints who will pour over His love letter to them.

Whatever you thought of the message today, let me say that it impacted me. In fact, it impacted me to the point that, while I had initially planned to cover the entire thing in one installment, I knew that it had to be broken down into at least two. The truth is that, as a pastor, I am very much aware of the enemy’s army which is poised to destroy us just on the other side of the valley which separates us from the world. And I have found myself very much intimidated by some of the giants which confront and belittle me personally and us as a church. On a corporate level, it is so easy for me to buy into the idea that we’re not a big church, so we can’t really be effective. We’re not a rich church, so we can’t really make an impact. And on a personal level, it is easy for me to focus on the one or two or three struggles that I’m facing on any given day and feel like there is no way that I can do this job. I know many of the giants which we discussed today by name, and the prescription which God demonstrated through David – be faithful – is incredibly powerful for me today. I pray you were received even one-tenth the blessing I received from today’s passage.

This morning, I was also incredibly encouraged by a couple of things I saw. The first was the smiles and laughter and sweetness of the fellowship time before Sunday School. What a joy to be a part of the family of God! The second was the excitement of the nursery-aged children when they went to Sunday School. It was simply refreshing to see them truly engaged! I was impressed by the number of people who immediately pulled out pens and started taking notes during the message. This happens every week, and it is simultaneously incredibly humbling and absolutely cool! And I was struck by the number of people who approached after the service and said that this morning’s message was exactly what they needed to hear. Truly, as inadequate as I am on my own, God’s word never returns void!

In short, as I write this tonight, I am absolutely pumped by what God is doing in individual lives as well as the corporate life of our church. He is truly amazing, and He is about to do something amazing in and through our church!

As you go through this week, please be in prayer for our leadership retreat coming up Friday and Saturday. Also, please be in prayer for Pastor Darren and Kelly Waite as they prepare for their final Sunday at Grace Wesleyan and a significant move; for Grace Wesleyan itself as the congregation looks forward to a dramatic transition from an established church to a church plant; and for Pastor Jon and Katie Wiest as they assume the mantle of leadership for this congregation and continue to plot a course toward the plant of a new, radiant church here in the Des Moines area!


1 Response to “Sunday Afternoon Ramblings”

  1. 1 Roger Metcalf October 5, 2009 at 4:50 pm

    Good stuff Jeremy! I am praying that God will do great things for you at Debra Heights.

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