59: A Church Conference for the Rest of Us

59: Yet Another Church Konference 2010

59: Yet Another Church Konference 2010

So, a couple weeks back, I mentioned this crazy idea that I’ve had to put together a conference (or at least a bunch of resources) for churches averaging less than 100 in average attendance. The idea flowed from my own frustration with a severe lack of resources geared toward so-called small churches even though some 59% of American churches average less than 100 in average attendance. And since I’ve started talking about it and putting out feelers, I’ve heard from a number of others who indicate that they think it has some potential.

So I’ve decided to pursue this a little further. I’m drafting a list of ideas for keynotes and/or session subjects. Along with this, I’m compiling a list of qualified people to speak on the subjects. The objective is to make this a conference for small churches, by small churches, and to that end, I’ve set these goals:

  • To demonstrate stewardship through fiscal responsibility such that it will be affordable (i.e., registration >$100/person) and on-budget.
  • To make it convenient for solo and bi-vocational pastors (e.g., Main events Friday afternoon and Saturday morning, with extras Friday morning and Saturday afternoon)
  • To make it broadly applicable to pastors, associate pastors, and volunteers in a variety of denominations by utilizing presenters who consistently demonstrate excellence and effectiveness in ministry.
  • To demonstrate excellence in promotional material, presentation and resource quality, execution, and relevance.
  • To foster an atmosphere of collaboration by providing formal and casual conversational opportunities.

So here’s what I’m looking for today: thoughts, comments, or suggestions on those five objectives (e.g., refinements thereof, ideas to realize them); ideas for keynote/session topics and/or speakers; thoughts on dates and schedules; ideas for appropriate venues. You can post them as suggestions or email them to me at jrgeerdes@gmail.com.


1 Response to “59: A Church Conference for the Rest of Us”

  1. 1 Keith Isley September 14, 2009 at 3:32 pm

    I’m intrigued by this, but haven’t had a chance to put my mind to it yet. I’ll send you some ideas separately.

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