Worship Afterthoughts

I have a colleague and friend who makes sure to blog every Sunday after worship. His thoughts cover a wide variety of things, but generally focus on thanking people who participated in the worship service, how things went, and any remaining thoughts that he might have regarding the morning message. I always thought it was a great idea, so now that I’m on this diligent blogger kick, I thought I would try to do something similar. So here we go.

The worship service today seemed to go pretty well. Adoration (the worship team) sang well. I know I’ve said this before on Sundays, but I’m absolutely thrilled with their contribution to our worship. I feel that their gift of music draws me into a state where I am more prepared to hear from God.

I was excited about the message from 1 Samuel 13. So often I am tempted to cut corners when things get difficult or take too long. Maybe that’s not good for a pastor to admit, but it’s true. The cool thing is that I don’t have to compromise. I can look at what came next in Saul’s life: his son and his armor bearer went over and singlehandedly started a fight that would drive the entire Philistine army to retreat.

What I took from worship this morning was a lesson and challenge: don’t allow yourself to compromise what you know you’re supposed to be doing with what you think you should be doing. Be faithful to whatever God’s called you to until He calls you to something else. And trust that, as hard as it might seem right now, God has something amazing up His sleeve.

All of that is great, but as always, the truth is that our worship service isn’t primarily about us. It’s about God. If we didn’t put God first in the worship service – and our lives – we weren’t doing our jobs. Even if we don’t get anything out of it ourselves, we must put Him first.


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